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    We value people and give care for boutique production process for each of our products. Therefore we have special fabrics, materials and designs upon production. 
    Kutnu Fabric
    Kutnu is a very special fabric that has been woven in the hand looms of craftsmen of Gaziantep, Turkey.
    It’s made up of silk and cotton with a shiny surface full of various colours.
    The history dates back to 16th century and the fabric was the symbol of nobility and power in Ottoman Empire.
    It was mainly used in the caftans of sultans and emperors.
    Kutnu fabric is carefully woven with a long process including the yarn, design, coloring and the finish up.
    Due to its special production and printing process, Kutnu has always been produced in limited quantities. Still today it’s produced by a small group of craftsmen determined to continue the tradition with painstaking hand labour.